Procedures/ Investigation

The investigation of gastroenterological symptoms can be daunting. Consideration and discussion will be made with you and if relevant with your relatives regarding the most appropriate way of investigating the cause for your symptoms. Both invasive and non invasive investigations will be considered. Below are details of the more common procedures that I perform or arrange. Procedures may be performed at the hospital of your choice, and as you can see from the Hospital tours (appointments page), the environments are purpose built with high attention to care and cleanliness.

Endoscopic procedures

    I have performed in excess of 10,000 endoscopic procedures. I commonly perform:

  • Diagnostic and therapeutic upper GI endoscopy (dilatation, banding of varices, stenting of tumours and botox injection)
  • Colonoscopy (including polypectomy, EMR and stenting). My completion (caecal intubation) rates for colonoscopy are approximately 95%
  • ERCP
  • Capsule endoscopy, I regularly perform and personally report one to two cases per week (total to date >450).

New Patient Consultation: £150 - £195

Follow-Up Consultation: £110

Non invasive investigations

I am fortunate to be supported by a team of innovative, dynamic and highly regarded radiologists who have quickly adopted best practice and assisted in less invasive investigation of gastroenterological conditions.


    I would prefer to give results personally so that your questions can be answered.

  • Endoscopic results are largely visual and these will be discussed with you when you a conscious.
  • Histology is often available in a matter of a few days due to the rapid reporting team at West Essex Cellular pathology and advice will be given as to the most likely time these will be available.
  • Radiological reporting generally occurs within 24 hours and therefore follow-up appointments can be and should be made as soon as available after the test has been performed (i.e. book the appointment before you leave the hospital.)

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